Why Choose Us ?

SIR City in Dholera

Because we are credible and Dholera Metro City is going to be prime location soon.

dholera smart city plot price

Know your Developers for SIR City

Heet Developers is your ultimate selection when you want to own your fantasy residence with fewer nuisances and the best attainable transparency.

With steadfast attention to quality service, we are on a journey to mature as Indian’s leading real estate company that will provide you with best-of-breed investment options. We are a widely distinguished and popular real-estate agency in Gujarat that is helping people finding their ideal dwelling at the best price.

Dholera SIR City

What makes us the best?

Buying property with us in Dholera would be a smart move as:

We will provide immediate and complete documents

Try any other real estate company to get your dream home in Dholera and you will have to do countless follow-ups for completing the documents. This is because they sell on EMI and they don’t own the land. At Heet Developers, we own the land that we are selling you. So, paper-work will be immediate, complete, and up-to-the-mark. There won’t be any loopholes.

You will get the best deal

For your dream abode in Dholera, choose Heet Developers as we value your money more than any other. You can be an independent owner of your plot at an affordable cost of Rs. 400 per sq. feet. Unlike other developers, we won’t deceive you or take advantage of your trust in us. With us, you only pay for the carpet area. No hidden costs and no hidden charges.

You will get the plot number at the time of booking

We are not like those run-of-the-mill real estate agencies that keep on delay giving you the plot number. You pay us and you get it.

We will give you an authorized map

Building your home without an approved map would be your biggest mistake. We won’t make you do as we will provide a government-approved map upon confirmation.

We maintain transparency through and through

At Heet Developers, transparency holds the highest merit. You get want we promise and you paid for. You will get the same plot registered in your name after EMI completion. So, ultimate peace of mind is a sure thing when you choose us.

Affordable Plot Price
We guarantee you to give the best ROI

The plots that we own in Dholera SIR are at a strategic location and have ample scope for future growth. As the project will develop, the rates of your property will grow like gold.

Absolute Ownership
You will have absolute ownership

After completing the basic down payment and EMI, you will have complete ownership of your property. Becoming a property owner was never as easy as it is with Heet Developers.

We are honest
We are honest

At Heet Developers, honesty is the best policy. For all our clients, we take care of N.A NOC title clearance in the beginning so that no hassle or hurdles will be created in the future.

Ready to Book Your Plot Dholera Smart City?

dholera smart city plot price


I purchased a plot in SIR City from Heet Developers. They are professional and adhere to best practices. I got immediate ownership of my plot along with an authorized map. Everything went well. I highly recommend them.

Krunal Patel
Plot Buyer
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