Why One Should Invest in Dholera SIR City?

23 Apr 2021
SIR City is one of the lucrative residential projects in Dholera, while Dholera is poised to be a driving force in Gujarat’s growth. SIR City is a place where people can live in peace while enjoying world-class amenities. Since this project will be situated in one of Gujarat’s most popular industrial and residential areas, it will be surrounded by all that necessary for a safe and sound living environment.
Even since the prime minister has made thousands of promises of growth and prosperity, your property in SIR City Dholera – whether for resale or for a living – can expect a bright future.
So, if you’re looking to invest in residential plots in Dholera, go for Sir City. Below are the reasons why.

Special Benefits of Investing in SIR City Residential Plots:

1. World-Class Premium amenities & facilities only in Sir City Dholera
  • Children’s Play Area: A children’s play area built especially for children to play. Your children will greatly enjoy playing with a great deal of delight in their hearts.
  • Volleyball Ground: If you like volleyball, our SIR City plot has a fantastic volleyball court.
  • Mini Football Ground: The SIR City environment has also encompassed a fantastic Mini Football Ground to keep your love for sport and fitness alive.
  • Cricket: SIR City also offers you an attractive and spacious cricket ground, along with a setup to serve your curiosity and enthusiasm for cricket.
  • Gazebo: You will also find soul calming gazebos in SIR City to improve your relaxation.
  • Solar Street Light: To preserve eco-friendliness and live in peace with Mother Nature, our streets are fitted with Solar Street Lights.
  • Garden: SIR City also has a range of relaxing garden areas to help you get the most out of your days.
2. Plot prices are unbelievably low and affordable for those who wish to move to a dream location.
3. Your plot may give you almost 1.5 times the value in a short span of time.
4. Easy downpayment options to make owning a plot in this project more hassle-free.
5. To alleviate traffic and emissions, the city uses clean energies and its transportation services are controlled by central command centers. So, no traffic pollution around your location!
6. Sir City Residential plots are at a strategic location and have plenty of room for future development. Your property’s prices will rise like gold as the project progresses.
7. Sir City provides a healthy living climate that enables people to live more constructively.
8. The process of purchasing land in SIR City with us in Dholera is completely straightforward and authorized by the government. As a result, you can rest assured that your investment is safe.
Want more? 
SIR City by Heet Developers has vast land ownership and you will get immediate possession of your plot once the down payment is made. Our policies are 100% transparent and approved by the government. All thanks to the development of India’s first smart city, SIR City Residential plots looks like a wonderful place to live. Isn’t it?
So why wait? Bookings are open for this promising place. Book Your Residential Plots Now! SIR City Invesmtnent is trendy, and investors should expect higher returns in a shorter span of time. For more details of plots in SIR city at the best prices, go to https://www.sircitydholera.in/residential/. Or you can also visit https://www.sircitydholera.in/plot-availability/ to check plot availability directly.
If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us on +919016881144. We’ll forward your question to the most qualified member of our team and get back to you as soon as possible.
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