Why Dholera Smart City Investments are Safe During a Pandemic

04 Jun 2021

Dholera Special Investment Region (DSIR) is one of the first and largest of the eight manufacturing cities to be developed of the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor, with plans to be the first and largest smart, sustainable “greenfield industrial smart city.” It will be located approximately 100 kilometers south of Ahmedabad by 2042, with a population of two million people and an employment rate of over 8,00,000.

Thus, investment in Dholera Smart City is going to be worth it. However, when it comes to investing in Dholera’s future metropolis, Heet Developers is the only name you should consider. Heet Developers, known for creating innovative, cost-effective, and growth-oriented real-estate developments, is now working on the ambitious SIRCity residential project in Dholera.

SIR City is a location where residents will live in serenity while taking advantage of world-class amenities. The setting of this project will be loaded with every element that is required for a safe and sound living atmosphere since it will be encased in one of Gujarat’s most significant industrial and residential areas.

But, Should You Invest Even In a Pandemic?

The short answer would be yes. Because the pandemic is temporary, the land is permanent. Look at the below-mentioned factors that explain why should you still consider investing in Dholera during a pandemic.

1. Increased Demand

Dholera, as a significant node at DMIC, could be an ideal place for each to open a business, given the low cost of land and proximity to an industrial smart city increasing the demand. Plus, it is a greenfield city that is established on the undeveloped ground. As an outcome, the development will be new and fresh, resulting in a clean environment. Additionally, the fear that the virus has created in people’s minds, a bigger number of people would prefer to migrate to a Greenfield city, which increases the demand for Dholera.

2. Lower Land Rates

During a pandemic, the economy is devastated. This provides an excellent investment opportunity for investors. Investing at a time when interest rates are low and yet yield extremely strong returns once the economy is back on track. When the epidemic is over, the investor will be able to make significantly bigger profits in a shorter period of time.

3. No Volatility, High Yields

Land markets are not like stock markets, they are not based on a certain index. So, when the epidemic is ended, land rates will hold their worth, and with the construction of trunk infrastructure, these prices will only rise, leading to high returns and opportunities.

4. Permanent Investment

Land investments, on average, pay off over time. A person invests in land for at least a few years. And following a pandemic, things will begin to return to normal. Land rates will either remain steady or increase until the economy has recovered. As a result, any land-related investments are often unaffected, no matter how the situation worsens. It is your permanent investment.

5. Quality Life of Sir City Dholera

As a result of the pandemic, people have learned the importance of clean and green cities. People will flock to Dholera as a smart city because of its strong and smart infrastructure, well-planned green areas, and great quality of life for its citizens. Plus, world-class amenities such as Cricket ground, Volleyball ground, Gazebo, Solar street lights, Garden, and much more.

Hence, investing in pandemics doesn’t affect your future returns, but you are benefited from low land rates and ample opportunities as an investor. So look nowhere and connect with Heet Developers today. We have a team of skilled developers, engineers, and architects working on the Sir City project of hope and opportunity to construct world-class infrastructure.

Plus, purchasing land in SIR City with us in Dholera is an entirely transparent and government-approved process, so you can be certain that your investments are safe.

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