What Are the Pros and Cons To Invest in SIR City Dholera?

24 Jun 2021

SIR City is one of the most exciting residential developments in the world, and Dholera is positioned to be a catalyst for growth. SIR City is a bustling metropolis with cutting-edge infrastructure for its people. Since it will be situated in one of Gujarat’s most popular industrial and residential areas, this project will be surrounded by everything possible for a safe and healthy living atmosphere.

SIR City residential Project in Dholera Sir, India’s first smart city, is not only the country’s most important greenfield project but also the fastest developing. And when we say ‘fast’ we really mean it!

To back up our claim, let’s take a brief look at the pros and cons of investing in SIR City Dholera.


  • Premium Amenities: SIR City conjures up images of a safe and happy life, as this project offers a variety of facilities like Children’s Play Area, Volleyball Ground, Mini Football Ground, Cricket, Gazebo, Solar Street Light, Garden, etc. that all will enable you to live in luxury in Dholera Smart City.
  • Unbelievable Low Prices: Another attractive benefit of investing in SIR City is you will buy a plot in this city of dreams and hopes for only 60,000 INR as a down payment and 10,000 INR per month (for 30 months). At a cost of Rs. 400 per sq. foot, you will become the sole owner of your plot. Where will you find such an exciting deal with global facilities?
  • Easy Downpayment Options: A down payment is a lump sum payment made while buying a house. This money is mostly taken from your personal savings, and you pay with a check, a credit card, or an electronic transfer in most situations. Thanks to the SIR City project, it allows you to pay downpayment in a variety of easy and convenient options.
  • Healthy Living Climate: To minimize traffic and noise, the city uses renewable electricity, and its transportation services are controlled by central command centers. There will be no road jams in the surrounding area! As a result, Sir City provides a secure living atmosphere in which people can be more prosperous.
  • Authorized Map: Your worst blunder will be to build your home without even getting a map authorized. We won’t force you to do so and, upon confirmation, we’ll send you a government-approved guide. So that, you will be well informed and aware of your dreamland beforehand.
  • 100% Transparency: Transparency is highly valued at Heet Developers. You will get what we have promised and for which you have billed. After the EMI is paid off, the same plot would be registered under your name. When you chose us, you can be assured that you can have complete peace of mind.


There are currently no significant disadvantages to purchasing a plot in SIR City Dholera, but if you do not do your homework and lack accurate statistics, it can cause a stir for a while.

However, if you choose Heet developers to invest in Dholera Sir Plot, you will be informed on each and every aspect of the land so that you can rest assured about your dream location. Our policies are fully straightforward and have received government approval. SIR City Residential plots are definitely going to create a future-proof living space. So, let’s not wait anymore and book your plots now!

Secure your future in Dholera with the most trusted developer for just a small investment in India’s first proposed smart city. To know more, visit our website here and discover a path to sustainable innovation!

If you have more queries, please call us on +91 90168 81144 or write us at info@sircitydholera.in. We will provide you every possible assistance while making your future secure.

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