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Dholera SIR City is a place where one will have a peaceful living while enjoying world-class amenities. Sandwiched in the notable industrial and residential area of Gujarat, the surrounding of this residential project will be packed with every feature that is required for a safe and sound residing environment.

The location of SIR City is Dholera. By getting a residential plot in this future smart city i.e. Dholera, you make a step towards non-polluted and content life as it is far away from the mad rush of the city’s life.

Take a first step to build your dream home by investing in our residential projects in Dholera Sir.

dholera smart city residential plot price

About the Project

Presently, we own 1151 plot projects in this locality. Each of these residential plots is located at a prime location and is ideal for luxury living. One can easily use these plots to build apartments, villas, bungalows, and independent houses.

Booking is open for this promising place. We are selling residential plot in Dholera SIR City at the best possible and pocket-friendly price, only Rs. 400 per sqft. To make owning a plot in this project more hassle-free, we are offering easy down payment options.

Dholera Sir Residential plot price

Unbelievable Cost of Plots

Just pay 60,000 INR as a down payment and 10,000 INR per month (For 30 months) and own a residential plot in Dholera Sir City of dreams and hopes.

SIR City


When the name SIR City resonates in our mind, a picture of healthy and happy living pops-up as this project comes with about of amenities that will let you experience luxury living in Dholera Smart City.

residential projects in dholera SIR
Attractive Entrance Gate

The SIR City welcomes you and your loving family with the presence of an irresistible entrance gate that is structured flawlessly to catch your eyes.

dholera smart city residential plot price
Solar Street Light

We believe in harnessing the power of nature. Our streets are equipped with Solar Street Lights to maintain eco-friendliness and live in harmony with our Mother Nature.

Buy residential plot in dholera SIR
Actual Site Photo

To ensure that you receive the most authentic information even before you visit the actual site, here we have assembled the actual site photos for your better understanding.

residential projects in dholera sir
Children’s Play Area

Your children are definitely going to look forward to playing with an immense amount of joy in their hearts. The children’s play area is set up to add colours to your children’s childhood.

Cricket Ground

Equipped with a setup to support your interest and passion in cricket, we bring to you an attractive and spacious cricket ground.

Volley Ball Ground
Volleyball Ground

If you are a volleyball enthusiast then you will e delighted to know that an amazing Volleyball Ground is a part of our smart city too.

Garden Area

What could be greater than relaxing amidst peaceful surroundings and enjoying our lives to the fullest? SIR City consists of extremely soothing garden areas to help you make the best of your days.

Mini Football Ground
Mini Football Ground

The circumstance of the SIR City has also enveloped an excellent Mini Football Ground to keep your passion for sport and fitness going.


With the everlasting beauty of Gazebos, we’re all set to enhance your comfort with soul soothing gazebos.

Residential Plot Availability
Owner’s Plot Number

Nothing satisfies us more than owning a house of our own. You will receive the plot number that you can proudly look at for the rest of your life.

SIR City

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I purchased a plot in SIR City from Heet Developers. They are professional and adhere to best practices. I got immediate ownership of my plot along with an authorized map. Everything went well. I highly recommend them.

Krunal Patel
Plot Buyer
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