Is Dholera SIR City Worth Investing In? Here’s All That You Are Missing!

21 Jun 2021

Dholera SIR (Special Investment Region) is not only a dream of Prime Minister Narendra Modi but also a promising future of the real estate industry.

Can’t believe it?

Look what CM Vijay Rupani said at the Dholera SIR inauguration: “Dholera will be driven as an investment in Dholera SIR. To achieve this, the government has invested Rs. 3000 crores in infrastructure projects.”

To believe the claims, the Dholera SIR would be built as a world-class area with a six-lane expressway running between the city from the state’s largest city and capital Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar respectively, to the container port.

SIR City is a place where residents can live peacefully while taking advantage of world-class facilities. The surrounding of this project will be filled with any aspect that is needed for a healthy and sound residing atmosphere, as it will be bunched in one of Gujarat’s most prominent industrial and residential areas.

Not enough reasons to put your money into it? Let us unfold the salient benefits that you can’t afford to overlook as an investor.

Dholera SIR City Residential Investment Benefits: Don’t Miss It!

✔ Affordable Prices

Dholera was a backward and undiscovered town until recently. Land prices in this area then remained stagnant, never reaching their true value. But now is the perfect chance for buyers to take advantage of current valuations on Dholera SIR residential sections and apartments at affordable prices. Profits can be exponential in a relatively short amount of time with this incredible SIR city project.

✔ Maximum ROI

Dholera is expected to attract a large number of investors due to the development opportunities it appears to deliver as a result of its first-ever distinguishing features. Many citizens have already purchased residential plots in Dholera Sir. Private players and international partners are also expected to contribute to the project’s funding. With all of these possibilities, all the investors are expected to get the maximum returns in a short time. Now, it’s your turn to grab the opportunity.

✔ Special Amenities

When you choose SIR City, you’ll have access to a variety of facilities that will help you live comfortably in Dholera Smart City. Take a look at the following amenities to get a sense of what we are talking about:

  • Children’s play area
  • Cricket ground
  • Solar street light
  • Volleyball ground
  • Garden
  • Mini football ground
  • Gazebo
  • Owner’s plot number

SIR City will ensure that you take a step towards a happy life by purchasing a residential plot in Dholera.

✔ Education and Health Facility

Education and health care are two of the most important services that no one wants to sacrifice. So, SIR City is giving careful consideration to the best available programs. It is to be believed that Dholera will be home to world-class schools, colleges, and institutes that will provide residents with a high-quality education as well as cost-effective and cutting-edge healthcare. So, if you want to invest in Dholera SIR city, rest assured about education and health amenities.

✔ Access to Commercial and Industrial Hub

Who doesn’t like shopping and movies? To cater to such needs of people, Dholera will also feature large shopping malls and multiplexes. Dholera’s first phase is to establish it as an industrial center, with the aim of eventually transforming it into a smart city. Dholera will be used as a room filler for Twin City in Ahmedabad, which is the state’s largest commercial center.

✔ Economic Possibilities

The economic potential of the region is vital. In just two decades, the city will be home to 2 million inhabitants, up from a few thousand now. To fund them, eight lakh new jobs will be created in the city. There will be an unparalleled period of opportunities in Dholera, which will favor both people and investors.

✔ Blend of Nature and Technology

With lush green gardens and fields on one side and skyscrapers on the other, Dholera would set an example of an ideal sustainable city. Any home will have Wi-Fi access, as well as a lovely and tidy environment, thanks to the city’s excellent cleanliness.

Now, who can resist such an exciting opportunity?

With the growth of India’s first smart city, Dholera SIR is now well-known to be a great place to live. So what are you waiting for? Investment in Dholera is being trendy and expects a shorter period of better returns. To meet your rising aspirations by creating world-class, immobilizing options and redefining expectations for lifestyle, book your residential plot now.

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