Dholera Smart City Residence: An Investment Opportunity To Make Good Fortune

02 Jul 2021

According to investors, a properly executed real estate investment is more than just a financial transaction. Making an investment decision is critical, but making a wise investment decision is even more critical. As a solid fund is required for real estate investment, so investing in a transaction that requires you to wait for a longer length of time is not a good bargain.

Therefore, Heet developers present you with a luxurious residence at Dholera Smart City as part of the latest residential projects, where you can be assured of your wise investment with the expectation to get a good return within a short period of time.

Residential plots in SIR City Dholera are a prime investment target for any investor since they know that major corporations are investing here to establish their operations, which will result in numerous employment, and as a result, individuals will invest in residential plots for their own future. You will observe world-class architectural projects in the residency projects here, which are not simply regular projects like everywhere else.

Perks of Investing in SIR CITY Dholera

Location Advantages

This smart city is designed in such a way that everything is within walking distance of your home. Within this smart city, you will have a township with everything from local business locations to educational zones, vital medical services to entertainment zones, parks to retail malls. Everything will be within a 2-3 km radius of you, which seems ideal for a residence.

Smooth Connectivity

  • Six-lane Expressway: The city will be connected to major cities such as Ahmedabad, Vadodara, and Gandhinagar through a six-lane expressway that will first be built as a four-lane highway and then upgraded to a six-lane expressway.
  • Metro Rails: Metro rail projects will be constructed shortly to connect major cities like Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar with Dholera. This metro rail is also going to link with the international airport, providing passengers with a convenient and improved means of transportation.
  • Dholera International Airport: A total of about 17000 hectares of land has been taken for the development of an international airport 20 kilometers from Dholera.
  • Railways: Dholera SIR would be connected to major cities by additional railway connections.
  • Port: A planned port site is 11 kilometers from Dholera on the Ahmedabad-Bhavnagar Highway.

Luxurious Lifestyle

Sir City Dholera provides a children’s play area, volleyball court, small football field, cricket, gazebo, solar street light, garden, and many more facilities that make your daily life luxurious and premium. It also has a wide range of residential plots in Dholera SIR, Gujarat, including villas, bungalows, and smart value apartments.

Bright Future

Dholera SIR is India’s first planned smart city, comparable to other cities such as Shanghai, and several major corporations have shown an interest in investing here for future economic opportunities. If you invest with patience, this city and enterprise will reward you handsomely.

This smart city will include everything that you would expect from a large metropolis in a developed country. This city will serve as the nerve center for India’s planned smart city initiatives, which will benefit not just the country’s future, but also the future of the inhabitants who live here with world-class facilities.

Interested to Invest in SIR CITY Dholera Residence?

Contact us on +91 90168 81144 at any moment to invest or learn more about Dholera or related initiatives. We will gladly do all in our ability to make your Dholera Sir investment look worthwhile and secure, with large returns. This is a high-end enterprise with a tremendous chance to make a lot of money in a short period of time, so visit https://www.sircitydholera.in/ for such residential plot investment options.

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