Dholera SIR Plots For Sale, Why Invest?

11 Jun 2021

Dholera SIR is trending ever since Narendra Modi has launched a Dholera Project, which is India’s first integrated city with world-class infrastructure. 

Dholera Sir is a well-planned greenfield smart city under construction in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Greenfield smart city is the ideal location to try new things in the future since it is being built with the utmost planning, execution, and guidance from world-renowned companies that have played major roles in the development of remarkable projects throughout the world in the past. 

Hence, SIRCITY Dholera, one of the exciting residential projects now is proving to be a compelling investment since it is cost-effective, environmentally friendly, conveniently accessible, and a destination with modern amenities. 

SIR City is a serene location with world-class amenities for residents. As it will be encased in one of Gujarat’s most major industrial and residential regions, the location of this project will be brimming with everything needed for a safe and secure living environment. 

Why Invest in SIRCITY Dholera Plots?

  • World-class amenities such as children’s play area, volleyball ground, mini football ground, cricket, gazebo, solar street light, garden, and much more.
  • The buying process is straightforward, and the policies are clear.
  • The cost of land is super affordable in comparison to any developed or developing location. It all starts at Rs. 300 per square foot.
  • Plots for sale in Dholera are close to the Dholera International Airport.
  • Being a clear title NA project, you can get immediate possession with sale deed registration of the plot.
  • You will own a piece of real estate in a smart metropolis with world-class infrastructure and services.
  • Your plot will be worth around 1.5 times its current value in the next 2-3 years.
  • Enjoy infrastructures such as roads with subsurface stormwater ducts, subsurface water, gas, sewage, and power lines, and so forth.
  • All major industries coming and started projects In Dholera SIR – IT Industry, Food Processing, Pharma Industry, Electronics Industry, Automobile Industry.

Not only that but SIRCITY Dholera residential project is legally approved and completely documented as well. Investing in Dholera residential plots definitely proves to be an investor’s paradise, a real estate investment option that is currently attracting the investment of many conglomerates only to be cashed in at a later stage. By constructing world-class facilities, we will be able to meet our clients’ ever-increasing expectations. Redefining living standards and real estate solutions, plots for sale in Dholera for your dream house. 

Additionally, economic development and activity in a Dholera smart city are also sustainable and logically incremental since they are based on success-oriented market factors like supply and demand. As Dholera is now considered a smart city, you must include SIRCITY residency in your investment portfolio.    

Also, SIR City project offers a large amount of land, and you will have immediate possession of your plot once you make the down payment. Our policies are entirely transparent and have been approved by the government. So, what do you have to lose? Your dream home location is open for bookings! Hurry up, visit https://www.sircitydholera.in/residential-plots-dholera/ to book your plots.

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